The Smart Solar Thermal Trough Collector System

perSolar GmbH is a dynamic start-up company based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2012, we are passionately dedicated to the development and optimization of innovative solar thermal technology solutions. Our newly developed solar thermal parabolic trough collector, which we presented to the public at the INTERSOLAR 2016 trade show, integrates several vital improvements. Our solar technology combines a uniquely high energy yield with remarkable cost efficiency and extremely long durability, utilizable in numerous process heat applications as well as solar energy transfer for power plants.

Our "smart" solar thermal collector optimizes a proven technology by various ingenious upgrades.

  • Sturdy, durable, maintenance-free. Our product combines technological know-how with easy handling.
  • Attractive business model for licensing partners worldwide
  • Concrete solution for the global challenge of CO2 emission reduction

Applications for the solar thermal collector trough model TLC-1000
Process heat from 40° C to 200° C (100° F - 400° F)| Heat media: water, thermal oil
  • Hotels + Resorts
  • Office buildings
  • Campgrounds
  • Sports facilities
  • Industry | e.g. washing, preheating, electroplating, dyeing, drying, sterilization, dehydration, distillation, pressing, desalting

Applications for the large solar thermal collector trough model TLC 24K
Applications up to 450 °C (850° F) | Heat medium: thermal oil
  • Energy source conversion of power plants with heat exchange process systems
Join us as a license partner of an innovative solar technology business.

We introduced our technology to the world market for the first time
at the INTERSOLAR 2015 trade fair in Munich:

perSolar auf der Fachmesse Intersolar 2015

perSolar auf der Fachmesse Intersolar 2016

Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke of the Energy Research Centre
of the Netherlands
( ECN ) visits perSolar: