Information for prospective licensing partners

perSolar GmbH offers selected partner companies worldwide a product cooperation, based on a licensing agreement for the decentralized production and regional distribution of our newly launched “smart” solar thermal collector | Models TLC-1000 + TLC-24K

Licensee Opportunities

  • own production
  • unrestricted distribution in licensing area
  • attractive high-margin market potential

Licensee Requirements + Services

  • License agreement directly between licensor and licensee
  • Minimum industrial production: 120,000 units / year
  • Proof of financial feasibility and/or infrastructure for production, staff, distribution, marketing and other relevant means in order to achieve the licensing objective
  • Initiation fee (set-up fee) + production-based license fee
  • Components purchasing directly via licensor
  • Quality management
  • Compliance with (regional) regulatory/legal reporting requirements and permits
  • Insurance coverage

Licensor Services

  • Transfer of (patent pending) know-how
  • Territorial + industry sector protection
  • Production support | planning, construction + operation
  • Marketing + distribution support
  • Coordination of components logistics
  • Licensee updates regarding product advancement + new developments

Please contact Mr. Leberer, our manager for distribution and licensing for additional information |

The solar technology market based on worldwide regional sun hours:

Yearly Global Irradiation